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Imam Hussain (a.s) arrived in the land of Karbala on the second day of Muharram, 61 A.H. Imam ordered the pitching of tents. Seeking to purchase the land from the Banu Asad tribe, who inhabited the area, he offered them 60,000 dirhams. The tribesmen remonstrated saying that the accursed land was fallow and never did anything grow in it, and therefore no useful purpose would be served in buying it.

Imam Hussain (a.s.) replied, “This land will become fertile with my blood and the blood of my kin and companions, and people will soon inhabit it and my Shia (followers) will visit it as a place of pilgrimage.

Where we stay


The Baron Hotel

Baron Hotel, a five star hotel in the holy city of Karbala, offers a complimentary scheduled shuttle service to the Holy Haram every 30 minutes. For those who have children, the property is an excellent choice for your stay, as it offers numerous child-friendly facilities. We want your little ones to cherish their time in Karbala and cultivate a deep love for this sacred place to foster a positive connection with Karbal.


Al- Manahel Royal Hotel

Al-Manahel Royal Hotel is a 5-star property in the heart of Najaf. As our stay in Najaf is limited, we understand the significance of maximising your time for Ziyarat and spiritual devotion. Al- Manahel Royal is just 2 minutes away from the shrine enabling you to immerse yourselves fully in the spiritual atmosphere and make the most of this sacred journey.

Who is travelling with us

Sayed Mohammed Hassan Al Sheraa

Sayed Mohammed Hassan Alsheraa is an Iraqi speaker who was born in the holy city of Qom. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan and is now finishing his Master’s in Religious Studies at the University of Detroit Mercy.

Since 2011, he has been attending Islamic seminary lessons under his respected father, Imam Sayed Bassem Alsheraa at the Hawzat Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf seminary in the Al-Zahraa Foundation. In 2015, he continued his Islamic studies at the Hawza of Karbala, Iraq. Sayed Mohammed Hassan has been conducting lectures and teaching Islamic classes in communities across the U.S., Canada, and Europe since the age of 16. His primary topics of discussion center around navigating discourse on divisive issues, modern-day struggles pertaining to the Muslim youth, and addressing misconceptions about Islam as a whole. He continues to work with interfaith and intrafaith organizations in the hopes of fostering a more united and peaceful society. Sayed Mohammed Hassan Alsheraa currently resides in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

Minhal Al- Khafaji

Br. Minhal Al-Khafaji is known for his captivating presence on television, where he engages audiences with his insightful discussions on diverse topics with top speakers.

He began his journey by delivering impactful youth lectures on Islam, fostering understanding and dialogue among young minds. Today he is one of the main presenters on Imam Hussein TV 3 and also a Dentistry Student

We have brought him onboard to help liase the group and answer any questions you have about the itinerary

Abu Talib

One of the Shia voice finalists, Abu Talib, is a young, vibrant, and charismatic individual who has devoted more time to the Husaniya than the playground.

Hailing from Karbala, Abu Talib has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and commitment in serving the Ahlulbayt. Insha’Allah, his soulful voice will make your ziyarat extra special and create lasting memories.

Seyed Mohsin Shah

Sayed Mohsin Shah is a hawza student who you may have seen on TV. He has used is Islamic knowledge to help benefit the community through youth work, lecturing and media. His friendly non judgmental approach has made a lasting impression on many.

We’ve brought him on board to help discuss and explain certain topics around ziyarat rituals and also history.

Mulla Mohammad Al-Silawi

Mulla Mohammad Al-Silawi, a prominent figure in the realm of religious broadcasting and pilgrimage facilitation, brings his exceptional talents to Imam Hussain Tours. With a melodic voice that resonates with audiences, he hosts a weekly program on Imam Hussein TV, imparting spiritual wisdom to a global viewership.

 Hailing from Iraq, he possesses a deep understanding of the local culture and the significance of pilgrimage, making him an invaluable asset to our team. Mulla Mohammad Al-Silawi’s extensive experience in guiding ziyarah groups from around the world, especially the Gulf region, underscores his commitment to fostering a profound connection to faith and history.

Mohammad Baqar Ghori

Mohammad Baqar Ghori, now 22 years old, began his journey of reciting in honor of the Ahlulbait (as) at the tender age of 5. Inspired by his father, a renowned local reciter in the Pakistani community, Baqar naturally followed in his footsteps.

In 2023, Baqar’s talent shone on the Shia Voice, where he reached the final three contestants in the Grand Finale. Despite the challenges of balancing his commitments with studying for final exams at the University of Manchester, Baqar achieved this significant feat.

The platform provided by the Shia Voice allowed Baqar to receive positive feedback from esteemed judges in each round, boosting his confidence and garnering unprecedented love and support from the general public.

Following the show, Baqar had the honor of reciting in sacred places like Karbala, Najaf, and Samara, as well as at various centers across the UK. His lifelong ambition remains to serve the mission of Imam Hussain (as) and the Ahlulbait (as) in any capacity he can.

Sheikh Mohammad Baghernejad

Sheikh Mohammad Baghernejad was born in Tehran, Iran. He moved to the US when he was 15 years old and studied in Justice High School in Falls Church, VA. Living in the US helped him to understand thr American culture and feel the great need to introduce Islam to the West.

After his graduation in 2005, he moved back to Iran where he started his seminary studies. Sheikh Mohammad attended Ayatollah Mojtahedi’s Seminary for 4 years in Tehran. Then he migrated to Qom and studied in private seminaries for 5 years. He has also studied 2 years in Najaf. He benefited from the remarkable scholars and Maraji’ in these cities.

Sheikh Mohammad has given numerous lectures on Islamic issues in Iran, United Kingdom, and the United States. He has also written two books about Imam Mahdi (AS) (may Allah hasten his reappearance) in the Farsi language. He’s currently the resident ‘Alim of Imam Ali Center in Springfield, Virginia, the CEO of Imam Sadiq Online Seminary ,Academy, and advisor to the 2nd Chance Books Organization.

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