December 2024

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Embark on a spiritual journey during the December Iraq Tour: Day 1: Arrive in the holy city of Najaf, receive a warm welcome, and visit the Shrine. Day 2: Explore Masjid Kufa in the morning, participate in an evening Majlis. Day 3: Morning outdoor tour to Masjid Kumail, Masjid Hannanah, and Masjid Sahla. Evening Majlis […]

Arabeen 2024

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Imam Hussain Tours presents an unmissable Arbaeen trip that will leave you content in tracing the footsteps of Sayeda Zainab (AS) and the Sabayyah. Join us for an expert-planned journey that will take you on a voyage through history as you relive the moment the captives left Karbala to the moment they entered Shaam. Discover […]